Preserve Johns Creek…Protect our Quality of Life!

Restore Trust

John Bradberry will protect the character of our community. He is a resident concerned about the direction of Johns Creek and our quality of life. He will avoid inappropriate conflicts of interests. You can trust John Bradberry to make wise decisions that put the interests of Johns Creek residents and taxpayers above all others.

Focus on Traffic Relief for OUR Residents

Traffic congestion is horrible and must be dramatically improved. However, a knee-jerk reaction to simply add more pavement and more lanes to make our local roads into highways should not be where we start. We must define the nature and extent of the problem. Studies and modeling of proposed changes to Jones Bridge and 141 have not been conducted. There are many important questions that must be answered.

Any change to our roads that encourages using us as a cut-through and that damages our residential character is something we must only do as a last resort. Bradberry will put the traffic needs of Johns Creek first. Viable, credible alternatives to widening Jones Bridge, 141 and other roads exist that can help alleviate traffic while protecting our community. John Bradberry will aggressively pursue those alternatives.

Stop High-density Housing, Billboards and Cut-through Highways

Whether it is zoning or road improvement projects, every decision made by the City of Johns Creek should ask “How will this affect our residents’ quality of life?”. John Bradberry will continue his efforts to stop high-density, billboards, and cut-through highways as a Council Member just as he has as the founder of Preserve Johns Creek, an organization dedicated to protecting our residential character and quality of life.

Term Limits

We have all seen public servants that stay too long and turn into career politicians. They stop fighting for the public’s best interests. This was clear to George Washington when he voluntarily stepped away from the presidency. Politicians need term limits. Term limits will ensure more competitive elections, bring greater citizen participation and sever the cozy relationships between special interests and entrenched incumbents that have taken Johns Creek away from our City’s original vision. John Bradberry will lead the effort to include term limits in our City’s Charter.

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