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I am proud of the work that I did on behalf of the residents of Johns Creek during my term on Council. Below are just some of my accomplishments from the past four years.

John Bradberry
  • When the residents were faced with skyrocketing assessments coupled with the following year’s state-mandated floating homestead exemption, it put everyone in a precarious situation. 30-40% increases in assessments would have resulted in a huge tax increase on our residents. If we had reduced the millage rate to offset the assessment increase, the City would have been left with an unrealistically low millage rate the following year when the assessments were to be effectively frozen by the new floating homestead exemption. To bridge this situation, I crafted the novel legislation that was adopted by the Council to pair the two years together so that the City and the taxpayers would not experience wild fluctuations. Taxpayers and the City both saw their finances remain stable without the drama or tax increases seen in other cities.

  • Led the effort to change both the contract and the vendor for maintenance of our public medians and right-of-way.  The vendor was not meeting the quality of service standards that the City Council had clearly established.  This is an example of “inspect what you expect” and keeping our community looking good, holding vendors accountable to their contracts, and being a good steward of the taxpayers’ money.

  • Led the effort for the re-weighting of the sidewalk matrix (prioritization system) to prioritize areas with no existing sidewalk. This re-weighting will get sidewalks and trails to areas like Shakerag near Cauley Creek Park that are in desperate need of safe pedestrian access.

  • Arranged for the first city effort to protect and maintain the badly neglected historic Macedonia African Methodist Church Cemetery.

  • Successfully steered the TSPLOST II project list towards sidewalks and trails as the largest component of the program.

  • Was the original voice advocating for a stormwater utility as a means to address stormwater issues. I negotiated the compromise legislation that was ultimately passed by Council.

  • Facilitated the collaboration between the city, the county, and the Water Authority by working with Commissioner Liz Hausmann to re-design the trail along Buice road. The new design is now planned as a much more aesthetically appealing continuous ribbon of concrete that will result in a cost savings to city taxpayers of over $300k.

  • Facilitated overcoming the obstacles for Nell’s Produce permit so that they were able to stay in Johns Creek and remain a popular business in Newtown.  

  • Obtained donations for all of the concrete and landscape trees and shrubs for the completion of the Wall that Heals in the Johns Creek Veterans Memorial Walk.

  • Crafted the compromise legislation that was needed to finally pass the Covid relief business grants.  

Commitment to Johns Creek


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