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about john

John and his wife Christy grew up and resided in the North Fulton area in what would later become Johns Creek.  When Johns Creek incorporated in 2006, John, like many other residents, felt that the new city offered its citizens the kind of protection and local control of policies and expenditures that would benefit the citizens directly.   

When John married in 2003, they moved into their house in Johns Creek where John, thinking he could add value, served as the home owners association (HOA) president of his neighborhood.  Through that HOA role, John became increasingly aware of the challenges facing Johns Creek and its newly formed government.  He began attending City Council meetings and got involved in the John’s Creek Community Association.  As a citizen, John started Preserve Johns Creek, a group dedicated to protecting its residential character and quality of life.  All of this added up to a successful run for City Council in 2017.

While on the City Council, John successfully advocated for a sustained and coherent quality of life for our residential community.  He has fought for the rights of citizens and for the inclusion of all of our citizens.  He has worked to make city government transparent and accountable to the residents.  He has helped and advocated for numerous citizens with city issues or problems.

Many of his proposals have become city policy.  Examples: the establishment of the IHeart Johns Creek Committee; the initial protection and maintenance of the abandoned Macedonia African Methodist Church; the focus on intersection improvements for traffic relief; and, initiated changes and enhancements to numerous city projects resulting in associated taxpayer savings.

John is a graduate of the University of Georgia (UGA) with a BBA in Management Information Systems.  He has a landscape design business as well as other business interests, mainly in real estate. John is a former United States Marine and a member of the Johns Creek Veterans Association.  He serves on the board of One Johns Creek, a coalition dedicated to helping the mental health and substance abuse of youths.  Christy attended Auburn University and is a pharmacist.  Christy, John and their daughter Gracie attend Northpoint Community Church.

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